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Kaya's Journey.........

Kaya is super intelligent and loves to be busy.  We have been training with Eastleigh and District Dog Training Club (EDDTC) for about 3 years now. Kaya is like a sponge, soaks up all that comes her way and is learning super quick, me on the other hand is another matter.  My brain is a little older and feels like it is already near on capacity so learning this new discipline is not as easy as I thought it would be.  Saying that we have already come along way on this incredible journey and we are only at the beginning!


Competition obedience is great fun but much harder than I anticipated. It's hard work (for me and the EDDTC trainers) and I am surprised the trainers have not despaired with me!  Fortunately they are as dedicated as Kaya and me, and so we journey on having a great time and lots of laughs along the way.  I am very greatful for the fabulous comments and words of encouragement received from the trainers, friends, total stangers and judges we have worked under so far.  I have been asked several times already if I realise the potential in Kaya and the answer is yes I am fully aware the potential my fabulous Kaya has, my only hope is that I can keep up and I don't hold her back.                                                                  

Kaya comes from a strong working line.  Her sire is German Champion Pit vom Hirtenplatz and Dam is Gracezheim Yona at Wolfbass.

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a great year we are having! With Kaya missing so much training last year and only able to start training again in February I am so so proud of our achievements.  I had to goals this year i) to qualify for the KCGCS Special Pre Beginner Stakes and ii)  to win out of the Pre Beginner Class. On our first show of the year we entered the stakes class at Exeter in May judged by Pat Flowers, and I was so thrilled when we only went out and won it!. My second goal was really more of a dream but in September under the eagle eye of Judge Denise Fry, Kaya worked another super round and won the class. To say I was happy was a slight understatement. If that wasn't enough we qualified for the National Obedience Class finals as well!


Showing what an all round Rottweiler Kaya is she got V2 in the Open Female BRSDC Klubseiger under the very distinguished International Judge Kirk Vandecasteele, coming 2nd to the Female who won the title of Klubseigerin 2015


There is so much more to do so we will wait and see where we go next on this incredible journey....................  





                               ............... to be continued