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Riley head shot
Riley head shot Right


Kaya likes to be kept busy and unfortunately if she isn't she can find things to amuse herself like shred the odd towel, nibble the odd shoe, use the curtain as a comfort blanket (she has chewed and sucked all the corners).  She is totally fascinated with water be it the hose, water dripping from the hanging baskets or lateley she has taken to sitting in the pond!!!


All our dogs have taken their Good Citizen Award(s) and I am very proud that Kaya has already gained her Bronze,  Silver & GOLD KCGCDS award.


Follow her progress in "Kaya's Journey" ........... 


Sire: Germ Ch Pit Vom Hirtenplatz              Dam: Gracezheim Yona at Wolfbass


(D.O.B. 24.10.11)                     Hip Score : 4:4                          Elbow: 0               

Kaya is my special lil working girl. From a puppy I knew we had our work cut out with this strong lively youngster.  As a puppy at only 4 weeks old she was nicknamed Duracell as she never stopped and still doesn't..... I guess that is why we adore her so much.  She is so much fun and super intelligent.  She was sired by one of the top working dogs in Germany and I think with the right training she has alot of potential.  I would prefer to work on the competition obedience training and only campaign her lightly in the show ring for the next year or so.  She enjoys going to the beach and loves swimming. Kaya likes hanging out with Riley and Indie and absolutely loves visiting Indies brother and his pack.