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Riley head shot
Riley head shot Right


Shanti, Riley & Zanna at the Beach

We have been involved with dogs in one way or another for more than 40 years.  We have lived with this beautiful breed for more than 13 years now and we are constantly learning more about the Rottweiler.  We have been showing Rottweilers for approx. 13 years, although we have been involved with non-competition obedience for many years.  We currently share our home with five Rotts Shanti, Riley, Kaya, Indriel & Raphael. (Shanti, Riley & Zanna are pictured below).


We are members of several Rottweiler Breed Clubs, serving committee member of the British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club (BRSDC) and we are active members of Winchester City Dog Training Club (Obedience), Clickertricks Dog Sport Club (Obedience & IPO) and attend several courses at The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training. All our training is based on motivational, positive and fun methods.


Living on the South coast we are very fortunate to be able to take our dogs for some great beach and country walks. Not so good before a show day as the dogs like to find the muddiest of tracks!


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